Luis Vilaclara
President 2015/16

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I am delighted to have the opportunity of being President of CHI, after joining the network only four years ago. CHI is a very dynamic network, of not only experienced and highly professional people but one where I can now count on the good friends I have made. The association has progressed very well these last years and this is work we as the board must continue to invest in. As president, my aims are to enhance our offering and increase awareness and promotion among the members’ client bases. With that the opportunities of cross referrals will increase among all members and in turn strengthen the bows between us. Also, and being a Spanish firm, we would like to open the doors of the association as far as possible to America, but not only to the USA, but also to central and south America, where we share the language and have a big cultural affinity. We are taking, already, important strides in this respect.

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